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Life-Integrated Financial Planning...Helping You Fit the Pieces Together

You likely have several financial planning pieces in place—you pay taxes, invest at least a portion of your savings, have some insurance, and maybe you have done some estate planning and retirement planning, but chances are each of these pieces was developed independently and at different times in your life. Is it any surprise then that you’re unsure if you’re on the right track and making all the progress you could be?

To be effective, financial planning needs to be coordinated. Each piece of the financial plan needs to accomplish its own specific tasks as well as support the tasks of each other piece. We call this life-integrated financial planning, and we are experts in this area. We’ll look at your entire financial picture and help you fit the pieces together properly.

We'll ask you lots of questions, including:

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“My role is to protect my clients from the financial services industry. Not that everything that comes out of Wall Street is wrong—only about half. My job is to determine which half, and use that knowledge to my clients' benefit.”

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